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The metal furniture line of 2M Furniture Manufacturing is skilfully designed with great consideration for urban dwellers. 2M Furniture produces pieces that are space-saving, multi-functional and minimalist in design. Though built with high standards, the pieces are reasonably priced, as we constantly strive to produce quality furniture at lower prices. Indeed, 2M Furniture pieces are a necessity to any household.

Why Choose 2M Furniture?

2M Furniture is an active distributor of Metal Furniture across Indonesia and Malaysia. It is equipped with the ability to produce well-designed and durable metal furniture. Our furniture company was established in 2012, and since then, the distribution of our products has expanded beyond our borders into other parts of Southeast Asia. We are also one of the prime distributors of choice furniture pieces by supermarkets here in Malaysia.

2M Furniture offers cloth and towel hangers that come in a variety of dimensions and built. Among our classic products are heavy duty wing hangers, towel hangers, two-rod garment hangers, single garment hangers, and much more. Apart from cloth and towel hangers, the other products available at 2M Furniture are kitchen and sink racks, multi-purpose racks, shoe racks and baby safety products.

Benefits of Metal Furniture

Choosing metal furniture is a smart choice for your home. Not only do they look sleek, metal furniture are also durable products made to resist wear and tear for many years. As the choice of metal used in 2M Furniture is of high quality, consumers can rest assured that their money is well spent on a sturdy yet stylish product.

Metal furniture’s versatility and durability thus makes it an ideal choice of furniture in various settings – homes, offices, schools, and even for heavy-duty use in warehouses and hospitals.

2M Metal Furniture Indonesia and Malaysia boasts a line of versatile metal furniture for a wide range of uses, providing great solutions to everyday living and storage problems. 2M Furniture’s products include cloth and towel hangers, kitchen and sink racks, multi-purpose racks, shoe racks and baby furniture products. For more information, visit our website and contact us at +6016-5052111 & +6016-5052666 today.


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